Partnership Linking Farmers in the OECS to the Tourism Industry for Sustainable Development For the small island nations of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States OECS , a more dynamic, diversified, and entrepreneurial agriculture sector, in which farmers and agro-processors benefit from stronger ties to the tourism industry and wider markets for their products, could be a strong driver of sustainable development. Read More Special Economic Zones: Read More Vocational Training and Skills Development CIIP-financed report in Ghana analyzes the supply and demand for labor in Ghana’s tourism industry; recommends business models for tourism training facilities; and proposes implementation methods for skills development and vocational training. Read More Our Mission CIIP helps leverage large amounts of aid funding to support the creation of private sector employment by enabling and promoting firm-level competitiveness across industries. Strategic application of performance-based funding,rigorous monitoring and evaluation ensure that CIIP remains focused on results.

Université de Rennes 1

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All his life, Renan was aware of the conflict between his father’s and his mother’s political beliefs. Education[ edit ] Ernest, meanwhile, was educated in the ecclesiastical seminary of his native town. While the priests taught him mathematics and Latin, his mother completed his education. Renan’s mother was half Breton. Her paternal ancestors came from Bordeaux , and Renan used to say that in his own nature the Gascon and the Breton were constantly at odds.

His sister told the doctor of the school in Paris where she taught about her brother, and he informed F.

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Le jeudi 30 Novembre et le mardi 12 Décembre , l’entreprise Supplay Interim sera présente sur le campus de Rennes pour des sessions de Job Dating. Une première édition réussie Déjà présente sur le campus pour recruter le 19 octobre , l’agence d’intérim, très .

Be the first to shortlist this University Share ABOUT Higher education in France has a long-standing tradition of excellence, dating back to the creation of the first universities during the Middle Ages. Since the Napoleon era the university system, initially highly centralised, has experienced considerable changes, notably the autonomy of universities, the mass democracy of higher education, and the construction of an academic Europe making the system closer to those of other countries.

The University of Rennes 1, situated in the Academy of Rennes, was founded in following the reform in and is a state university. This public university holds a scientific, cultural and professional disposition. The university is multidisciplinary and offer a range of courses in science and technology, health, mathematics, life and environmental science, medicine, pharmaceutical and biological science, dentistry, business, management, etc.

Furthermore, the university is busy centre of multidisciplinary research recognised by experts nationwide. Today, the university has 43 research teams, of which 26 are associated or under contract with large national research organisations:

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We have been listing some of these things — including delicious food, a visit to the world’s oldest wine bar, an amazing castle, a stunning cathedral and more — and to complete this list we have our last entries into our list of the top ten things you must do in Ferrara A fascinating place that can rival many of the great cities of Italy, it is steeped in history, culture and art and boasts much to see and do.

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The matchup is on April 29, at 2: PSG have been easily the best team in France and with only four more games left in their domestic schedule, they can get as much as 98 points by winning all of their games. Unfortunately, the Parisians have not had a stellar season overall as they exited the UEFA Champions League despite being listed as one of the favourites this year.

Silicone Diaphragm for Series Carb. Feedback Valve. Silicone diaphragm material is the optional upgrade material that provides excellent flexibility in cold weather climates and is more resistant to chemical contamination.

It extends from Greece Chalkidiki peninsula , to the south, up to Serbia, in the north, and arguably represents the westernmost part of the Rhodope Metamorphic Province northern Greece to southern Bulgaria. The Vertiskos Unit experienced a medium pressure lower amphibolite-facies metamorphic overprint during the Alpine Orogeny. In order to constrain its post-Lower Cretaceous thermal history, until near-surface exposure, we applied apatite fission track analysis.

The central ages obtained range from We applied two inverse thermal modeling approaches using either each sample independently high degree of freedomin the thermal history, better data fit or all samples together interpreting them as a vertical profile simpler thermal history, worse data fit. These results contrast with the thermal history of the other domains of the Rhodope Metamorphic Province further east namely the Southern Rhodope Core Complex and the Northern Rhodope Complex and establish the Vertiskos basement complex as the oldest exhumed coherent basement fragment of the Rhodope Metamorphic Province and Greece.

The rock classifies as a mature quartz arenite and belongs to an original shale—sandstone succession now metamorphosed into a phyllite—quartzite unit. Zircon age clusters at 0. By contrast, re-evaluating the available zircon age-distribution pattern and depositional setting of an analogous sequence forming the autochthon of north-central Crete Galinos beds we demonstrate that it was originally deposited in a completely different setting, i. Comparing similar Cambro-Ordovician metasiliciclastic rocks from north-eastern Crete Sfaka paragneiss , north-central continental Greece Vertiskos terrane , north-western Turkey central Sakarya terrane and the Romanian Carpathians we show that their detrital zircon distribution patterns testify to an original depositional setting similar to that of Peloponnesus Feneos , Libya and theMiddle East.

Using key time-frames from previously published palaeogeographic reconstruction models we are able to trace in space and time the Palaeozoic—Early Mesozoic wondering paths of the aforementioned sequences. Thus, time- and facies-equivalent rocks presently cropping out in the eastern Mediterranean share a common provenance from the Gondwana Super-fan System which was diachronously dispersed between Early Silurian and Early Triassic.

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Dec 16,  · Retour en images sur notre 1er Job dating en faveur de l’emploi sur la région. En partenariat avec Wizbii.

But the Bloodline team were also eager to find out, and, although I would have preferred to save the results for my forthcoming book, the results are now shown here. I was planning to take the sample from here as it was the location that had the most ink present. Original Proposed Sample Area The problem with this was that it would ruin the message, and on the opposite side of the paper was located the ‘Sauniere’ signature, which would have been cut out from the ‘n’ to the ‘e’.

That was a sacrifice I wasn’t willing to make. Opposite side of the message area that would be removed I contacted Oxford to see how small a sample I could get away with and I was informed that only a very small sample would be necessary. But to ensure there was enough of a sample to do the tests, I sent a slightly larger piece so it could be trimmed as necessary.

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