Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. He has a great nose for good books. Tiene un excelente olfato para los buenos libros. Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb–for example, “put their heads together,” “come to an end. Please blow your nose instead of sniffing. What a brown-nose – always sucking up to the boss, hoping for a promotion.

Got my heavy trolling rod ready

All right, this story is not real. My e-Mail addresses are at: You can also get me at mean. Again, remove the parenthesis.

Kids should be kids, at least that’s how the saying means worrying about little kid things and doing little kid things, such as playing on the trampoline, watching TV, going fishing, or whatever it .

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“honky dory” in Danish

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Comments:I bought a couple of these and they sat for months before I used them.I don t get the bad reviews. I’ve caught 8 bass on 1 of them and had zero problems. I thought the tail might get torn up pretty easy but after 8 fish in the 2 to 5 lb range, it shows no tears or problems.

Having never grown up just old I remain stuck in a 12 year old mentality from the days of putting playing cards in the spokes and pretending I had a motorcycle and not a single speed fat tire pedal bike. I’m still pretending I have a kinda sorta motorcycle to ride, even if my builds start out as bicycles. So, I like fatty tires, vroom sounds from the exhaust pipe, suspension forks and honker headlights just like on a real motorcycle and not just a pretend one.

If you like big headlights, too, read on. If you don’t you know where the delete key is located. The first one of these lights I adapted was an experiment. I saw it at Harbor Freight for just 12 bucks and couldn’t resist. Nice chrome, seemed well made They come with a 12 volt halogen bulb that is way out of scale in power demands for a bicycle, so that needs changing. They also come with a pedestal mount which did not work for me since I use mine mounted between the ears on a moped fork.

So, I’d have to remove the stock mount and figure a way to affix it to the fork ears. Since this light will fit between the ears of a moped fork I need to remove the stock mount and drill holes where allen bolts will come through from the inside of the light and fit into the mount holes on the ears.

Språkordböcker online

It has a rear inlet tube welded on at a right angle that connects to the external air intake via angled rubber hose, an early Ram-Air design if you will. The canister connects to the carburetor via a J-shaped hose on the engine side. This J-shaped hose clamps onto the canister cover containing the air filter. If you don’t do anything else in the way of maintanence on your Isetta, make sure you change the oil and at least clean, if not replace, the air filter on a routine basis.

The Isetta electrical system calls for 12 volt, 31 amp battery with negative ground. We have a Harley-Davidson Non-spillable sealed battery in our car.

In this award-winning Super Bowl commercial , three dogs make several attempts to get into a grocery store to buy some Doritos but keep getting kicked out by the manager. Eventually, they successfully get in by pulling off a totem pole trench; the manager buys it, but the checker gets a little creeped out by it. Though they don’t keep the charade very long.

In a Lunchables commercial , a jackelope and a platypus do this in a series of failed attempts to get into a restaurant. The best part is that they actually fight pretty competently, holding their own against Android 18 for a good while it helps that they are both ridiculously strong, so unlike most kids in this list, they would have no problem carrying each other. Everyone just writes “Mighty Mask” off as a weirdo with a lumpy torso and unusually short limbs who talks to himself a lot and they completely fail to notice the eyeholes Goten poked in the suit.

Master Roshi is sharp enough to figure things out early on and 18 catches on when the boys decide to go Super Saiyan, but nobody else figures it out until 18 exposes the boys by cutting through their costume with a Destructo Disc, getting them disqualified. It fails miserably, in episode “Child’s Play”. Gongenzaka”, Amanda, Tanner, and Frank try this to sneak into the stadium hosting the Friendship Cup.

Of course, in this case, they were forced to do it when they injure an actor who they thought was a child murderer and have to fill in for him at the community center play. In an early manga story, Astro does this with the independent lower half of another robot acting as the legs.

Fishing Report

OP 16 Apr 13 They had someone hook up their conventional fume hood and it isn’t passing certification. The certifier said he needs to get cfm when the sash is open 18″ and cfm when the sash is at 12″. Exhaust duct is 10″ round.

That is an ocean shark fishing outfit maybe. Or sturgeon if you actually had some good fishing for them. That rod will give you a lot of problems fishing anything less in freshwater. They shake on it too easily and tear loose the hooks. Also when the slack pops out after the line lets go of downrigger, you want something with more action to it to absorb the shock gently. A rod that stiff will either tear out the hook or break the line.

Pick up a salt water jigging pole. They are stiff enough but sufficient action in the tips to keep the fish on. You’ll never set the hook on a walleye with anything that stiff. They are too nibbly.

Heavy Equipment

This huge man made lake is 13 miles long and 6 miles wide with a surface area of 28, acres. There is ample improved camping facilities located around the lake. For those who like the comfort of home there are several private resorts located near the lake. Almanor is a popular Northern California summer get-away offering clear blue water, excellent water-skiing, full service marinas and boat rentals.

The longer you pay your bills on time, the better your credit score. But thankfully, mortgage loan calculators ended up released. Welcome to Scott Kia’s Finance Department, your auto loan and car lease resource. At the height of their fame, the band America came to know and love decided to go their separate ways. What we did do was to leave a shilling tip. There are 12 food pantries in the Auburn, WA area.

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Customer Review Guidelines Comments: I bought a couple of these and they sat for months before I used them. I don t get the bad reviews. I’ve caught 8 bass on 1 of them and had zero problems. I thought the tail might get torn up pretty easy but after 8 fish in the 2 to 5 lb range, it shows no tears or problems.

Full-power heads are generally watts or more. There are also super heads, boasting a tinnitus-inducing watts of power. For performances at small to medium-size venues, a small head is more than enough. The smaller heads are often connected to a single 4×12 cabinet which contains four 12 inch speakers, as the name suggests. This type of setup is known as a “half stack,” and it is a favorite of working musicians.

The half stack offers plenty of volume, the presence of four speakers, and the “credibility” associated with stacks.

Topwater Frogs

There’s at least four entries in the series, most of which star the titular Whiffle Boy as the protagonist. The creative genius behind it is Aloysius J. Mandelbaum , who also created the molecular digitizer and designed some of the tie-in merchandise.

It featured an eponymous superhero anthropomorphic duck, with the alter ego of Drake Mallard voiced by Jim Cummings. It is the only direct spin-off of DuckTales. Contents [ show ] Premise Darkwing Duck is about the adventures of the titular superhero , aided by his sidekick and pilot, Launchpad McQuack. In his secret identity of Drake Mallard , he lives in an unassuming suburban house with his adopted tomboyish daughter Gosalyn , next door to the bafflingly dim-witted Muddlefoot family.

Darkwing struggles to balance his egotistical craving for fame and attention against his desire to be a good father to Gosalyn and help do good in St. Most episodes put these two aspects of Darkwing’s character in direct conflict, though Darkwing’s better nature usually prevails. Production Darkwing Duck was initially developed as a spin-off of the very successful DuckTales series. Darkwing Duck entered production roughly one year after DuckTales ended. The original concept had Launchpad McQuack as the star.

Instead, Launchpad appeared as Darkwing’s sidekick in the finished product. Gizmoduck , a character from the final season of DuckTales, also appeared in a handful of crossover-themed episodes. The name “The Masked Mallard” became a epithet often used to refer to Darkwing himself. Where most prior Disney Afternoon series featured at least some characters from classic Disney animation, Darkwing Duck featured a completely original cast.

Even the DuckTales characters it reused didn’t have any counterparts in early Disney shorts or even the Carl Barks Disney comics.

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