Maersk Oil UK has selected Semco Maritime to participate in the installation and preparation hook-up of the new gas production field Culzean, which is located kilometres east of the coast of Aberdeen in the UK sector of the North Sea. Semco Maritime will be responsible for carrying out the electrical work, while the piping and painting work will be carried out by two other companies. Preparation in Singapore The Culzean complex consists of a central processing platform, a wellhead platform, a living quarter platform, which are currently under construction at the Sembcorp Marine yard in Singapore. Production from the natural gas field is expected to commence in In Singapore Semco Maritime will even now set up a team of hook up specialists to prepare the installation work in order to have everything planned when the platforms arrive in the North Sea next summer, says Vice President Carsten Nielsen, Semco Maritime Ltd. The order is a continuation of the positive development in the activities, which Semco Maritime has experienced in the UK during the past six months, says Director James Cooper, Semco Maritime Ltd. During the period the order will create jobs for approx.

Chevron Nigeria project benefits from systems completion

It is equally as important to understand the criteria for choosing the right company to work with and to make enlightened and informed decisions about the company that is right for you as it is to understand the process for setting up your Gold IRA. As part of your research and due diligence we recommend that in addition to reading third party reviews and ratings you also call some of the companies yourself in order to get a feel for how they operate and to assess how comfortable you feel with them.

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End-To-End offshore hook-up and hook-up agreement the process used to certify aircraft offshore platforms of our client is. Mccs will be comfortable going on both new and. Fugro has maintained a critical works of offshore rigs and commissioning huc phase.

The equipment should be close enough to the helideck to avoid delay in using it. Inspectors may wish to test the effectiveness of the procedures for deploying the equipment. It needs to consider information from assessments regulation 5 , preparation regulation 6 , detection, control, mitigation, muster areas, evacuation, means of escape, and recovery and rescue regulations 10 to The plan should also include arrangements for medical and first-aid provision under the Offshore Installations and Pipelines First-Aid Regulations Regulation 8 3 and paragraph 85 of the ACOP cover testing, monitoring and reviewing the plan.

The safety case should indicate the likely major accident hazard scenarios, and inspectors may wish to question the selection of scenarios for testing emergency procedures. See also commentary on regulation 17 below. On MODUs the marine signal of 7 short and 1 long may be accepted as an audible warning. Some dutyholders may use additional status lights – see paragraph of booklet L The dutyholder should consider the need for auxiliary control points and if they should be staffed.

It does not have to be installed in the floor; lighting on walls and bulkheads is sufficient if it lights the floor adequately. The appropriate direction of opening is in the direction of travel in an emergency. See also paragraph of booklet L If the list is not displayed at the muster station there should be equally effective means of accounting for personnel.

Living Quarters

If your a cruiser, that’s a different story. I wanted to try this set up out and had the perfect candidate. I wanted to put it in a car capable of braking the trans for test purposes.

Offshore hook up procedure by admin Loan Calculator Excel Template Printer friendly Offshore hook up procedure Spreadsheet for creating a loan amortization schedule.

Aaron Habgood with the 7. Aaron Habgood with two crayfish he caught by hand Picture Aaron Habgood. After making an early start on Monday morning, Andrew Johnson anchored up after finding a promising signal some 30 metres south of the Point Richards Channel, hoping for a decent snapper. As it turned out, there were snapper a plenty, all good size pinkies, most of which he returned unharmed, keeping three fish from 2.

After moving from their usual spot, north of the channel junction off Curlewis — mainly because of the number of banjo sharks and other unwanted fish taking their baits — they had their first snapper by 9. It was all hands on deck after that though with a total of five snapper from 3. Although they stayed until midnight hopeful of catching another fish to make up their legal total, that was their lot.

Mike Windsor of Clifton Springs Boat Hire reports that pinkies have been plentiful in daylight hours, and among those to catch them were Jason Hockey and Stephen Budzienny who found a school east of the mussel farm.

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Many of these were EPC I contracts. HSM Offshore is a major Dutch construction yard. Our scope includes engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, hook-up and commissioning of oil or gas production platforms, wellhead platforms, compression modules, living quarters, jackets, manifolds, offshore high voltage substations and other heavy offshore structures. The highly skilled and experienced staff enables HSM Offshore to hold a unique track record of high quality and timely deliveries with an excellent HSE performance.

Accurate and efficient co-ordination of our subcontractors for the various disciplines is essential in this process. The certified health and safety management system complies with all current safety standards and our ISO certification is testament to our environmental commitment.

Hook-up Temporary Systems. We offer the engineering, procurement, installation and operation of all temporary systems needed for the hook-up phase. Offshore Hook-up Execution. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient hook-up.

Interruptions, or even loss of operational control, are very costly and can create hazardous situations. Seatools has a strong track record in the field of smart installation tools and systems. Our tools and systems provide full insight in and control over the installation procedure. This high accuracy level resulted in smooth operations, and saved valuable operating time. Thanks to the studies we conduct, we ensure the appropriate equipment is selected or developed for a specific installation assignment.

This includes the required functionalities and accuracies, noise, currents, vibrations, back-up and redundancy strategies, data and power transmission, handling and installation, available development time, and interfacing. During this stage, we may apply our simulation capabilities in order to investigate feasibility or performance. The deliverable often concerns a system conceptual design that includes a detailed technical and operational description of the system.

Offshore and subsea installation simulations Seatools is capable of performing simulations of the critical parts of an offshore installation operation. Given a particular vessel motion spectrum, for example, we can perform simulations of seabed interaction effects during asset touchdown, including related behavior of the hoisting arrangement. By performing these types of simulations, dangerous situations like slack wires can be identified at an early stage, facilitating the determination of an allowable operating window.

Together with our trusted business partners, furthermore, we provide interactive, real-time simulators and visualizations that facilitate the validation of procedures and operator training. Thanks to our expertise in subsea measurement and positioning, control engineering, and Human Machine Interface HMI design, we ensure your offshore assets are installed in the right position and orientation.


Mail us Hook up support of topside for offshore platform Conbit was contracted to engineer lifting plans and execute lifting operations during an offshore installation campaign led by Heerema Marine Contractors. The main objective of the activities was to hook up a topside module to a jacket construction in the Mediterranean Sea. As a specialist in custom lifting projects, Conbit provided Heerema with a complete package of structural engineering services and offshore installation expertise.

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Both fish were caught on our last trip of the season, the November 6, marathon trip, the latest we have ended the Bunny Clark season since the Bunny Clark fishing season. The shot on the left is a digital image of Jim Feeney MA holding his 3 pound whiting. The shot on the right is a digital image of Don Johnson MA holding his 3. Both fish were caught within a few minutes of each other.

Don’s whiting is tied for the sixth largest whiting of the Bunny Clark fishing season while Jim’s whiting is the eighth largest whiting caught on the Bunny Clark this year. Interestingly enough, my son, Micah, brought a trophy whiting over 3 pounds to the surface a short while later, only to have it drop off the hook and swim back to bottom.

Are there over $4 trillion of untaxed corporate earnings offshore, as Donald Trump said?

Share this article Share But the bank, known as the Institute for Religious Works, or IOR, has remained under the watchful eye of prosecutors amid fresh concerns it has been used as an offshore tax haven. It was the latest turmoil to hit the IOR, which has long been the source of scandal for the Holy See. Last year, the bank’s board ousted its then-president, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, for incompetence and erratic behavior.

Yesterday’s resignations and nominations of interim administrators represented a final overthrow of the bank’s old guard management and coincided with its efforts to comply with international regulations to fight money-laundering and terror financing. The Vatican bank, formerly known as the Institute for Religious Works, has become the centre of an alleged financial scandal The resignations came just days after Pope Francis announced an inquiry into the bank and followed the arrest of a Vatican accountant caught up in a criminal investigation into the IOR.

Scarano, dubbed ‘Don ‘ by the Italian media because of his purported favorite euro banknote, acknowledged under questioning Monday that his behavior was wrong but that he was only trying to help out friends, his attorney Silverio Sica told Associated Press.

Aug 25,  · At offshore Sabah, KBB location,Hook-Up and Commissioning.

B Back shot – back shot can be the piece of shot placed up the line behind a sliding leger or feeder or is a piece of shot placed on the line behind a float to help keep it steady in windy conditions. The piece of shot is placed about a foot away from the float tip and is usually a piece of shot from the float rig so it doesn’t sink Back cast – the casting of line in a direction opposite to the direction the fly is intended to go.

The backward counterpart of the forward cast which acts to create a bending action on the fly rod, setting up the conditions to generate the forward cast and present the fly. Backing line – old line or string padding that is attached to a reel to fill up the spool before attaching the line Backwater – an area of a river that is sometimes isolated Bagging up – catching lots of fish during a fishing session Bag limit – fishery restriction in the number of fish that an angler may retain, on a per trip or daily basis.

Generally pertaining to trout.. Also known as Creel limit Bail arm – the wire part of a fixed-spool reel that guides the line on the spool Bait – anything used on the hook to entice and capture the fish Bait band – used with boilies and pellets etc. A small elastic band that is wrapped around a bait and the hook is passed under the band or nicked through it so that the bait hangs from the side or the base of the hook.

Oil and gas installation of drilling Wellhead – ANIMATIONS