You get a twin! Everybody gets a twin! We saw the secret twin coming, but did you see them going Orphan Black on us? No, you did not. Because there are few things more ridiculous than that. Unless we want to be here until I. Well, this episode is basically all about how to make Ali look horrible.

193 Thoughts We Have About The “Pretty Little Liars” Season Finale

Right after Mary gave birth to Spencer and the Hastings took her away, Mary gave birth to a second child, who she named Alex. The Hastings never knew about Alex; Mary ended up putting her up for adoption. She was taken in by a family in England, but after she started manifesting “some issues,” that family gave her to an orphanage and made her change her last name back to Drake.

Jan 02,  · But there were so many Spencer/Toby fans, they have to do it to the show, the viewers deserve it. It was was so heart-wrenching when Toby was shouting ‘I love you’ to Spencer. You could just see she wanted to shout back he loved him : Resolved.

Pretty Little Liars Creator I. Emily still has no idea whether she wants this Maya thing to happen or not. Besides that, it introduces some questions about whether the N. Club being dumb and a moot point in the end. Emily tries to get her mom to accept her homosexuality, which goes poorly. Noel Kahn starts trying to blackmail Ezra for grades, and Lucas and Jenna make some big admissions. Caleb reconnects with his birth mother, and we see more colluding between Jenna and Garrett.

Overall, a comparatively low-key episode. The Hastings family is looking as suspicious as ever. This episode focuses on that misguided mission. Plus, A creepily films the Liars from inside her bedroom closet.

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Who was in the hoodie? Why would anyone ever hug Ali, and has Ali ever both read and understand any works of literature in her entire, manipulative life? So many things we may never, ever know. Does anyone else wonder if A is J.

Comedian stephen fry r arrives with spencer, hanna and toby started to a’s lair. This is ‘cuffing season’ a real thing in. Amy. Your audiences with opportunities to be married, she has an online dating world full of.

She cried, and it was sad. Spencer and Toby make out but then he grabs her by the throat and is suddenly wearing his black hoodie. Spencer wakes up from her nightmare gasping. The Zoomy Cameraman pans over to her bedside table where we see the key marked A. We should definitely make assumptions and share them with Spencer. Aria also makes it sound like Spencer was uniquely defensive about a member of her family being falsely accused, when Aria threw a legit temper tantrum over the allegations against her douche canoe father.

She opens the package and finds a bunch of mementos, including cards from Alison. Emily figures Maya found them and meant to give them back, but wonders why the Not Your Cousin Family would send these things. Mama Fields guesses it was a gesture of good will. Hanna is sitting in the kitchen, icing the wrist she hurt when she was attacked by mannequins.

Hanna gets weirdly defensive since she already has to deal with Caleb trying to protect her from Mona.

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Remember back in season 3 when “A” got the best of Spencer? She thought Toby had died, and then found out he was on the A Team, and it drove her straight to Radley. Well, it turns out that storyline was all Troian’s idea.

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Advertise with us Remember when we thought A had already been caught? Pretty Little Liars season 3 made us think again! Refresh your memory of the new A and Red Coat with our ultimate guide. Emily spent her summer building houses in Haiti, Hanna had a random list of things to accomplish, Aria took a photography class and Spencer took a full course load at Hollis. The question of who killed Maya, the mysterious Kahn party tattoo, and the first appearance of CeCe Drake were some, but not even close to all of the big ticket items in Pretty Little Liars season 3!

Last night never happened The Liars meet to catch up after their busy, A-free summers. Similarly to how it happened when Ali disappeared, the Liars wake up and Emily is nowhere to be found. She has no recollection of how she got there, or of what happened. At first, they think she was just drunk, but they later find out that she was drugged. Hanna and Aria later see Lucas in the town square at 4am.

She remembers being in that car, and recalls that Jenna was driving. Jenna had supposedly been at music camp until the first day of school, but the Liars find out the camp actually ended on August Cobb, a time and an address, the Liars go there H.

What episode if Pretty Little Liars did Spencer and Toby get together?

Freeform All aboard the Spaleb ship! Pretty Little Liars has a not new couple, but not everybody seems to be a fan. It only took one episode after we first learned of Spencer and Caleb’s new friendship for them to hook up, and while we felt momentary pangs of Haleb, we also found ourselves weirdly in favor of the new pairing. He may be Hanna’s ex-boyfriend, and she may be one of Hanna’s best friends, but there’s something about this couple that we just can’t get over.

The cast tells THR about “fun and flirtation” with Spencer and Toby, potential for Aria and Ezra, a “super emotional” Hanna and Caleb flashback, and a “flame” in Alison and Emily’s.

Wednesday, March 13, Positive Pretty Little Liars fanfiction What seems like the right thing to do could also be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life. He would just think I was messing with him. Anyways, I would have to tell him, I couldn’t just run away in my senior year. Plus I never want to leave Ezra, he’s the love of my life, and I would never think of hurting him.

He was coming back for two hours to get some more clothes, and to see me. But, unfortunately he was coming when it was school hours. I had to see him, so I had to bunk off. I have to tell him that I’m pregnant. Even if it meant god knows what. I wasn’t paying attention in my Physics class; I was wondering what I should say, without looking like a complete ass. The bell rang, signaling for lunch, or for me, telling the man I loved the most in the world that I was pregnant.

I couldn’t believe it, that I, Aria Montgomery was pregnant. I was so careful, I was on the pill. I walked out of school, biting my nails, something I only do when I need to tell something to Ezra.

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At the police station: The police questioned you for the third time and you just told them what Ali said you can tell them. After the police was finished, Jason picked you up. You returned the look confused. Toby already told me what he and the others are planning. When Jason and you got into the car, you were looking at him.

Even if Spencer and Caleb aren’t officially dating in PLL 6B, it’s seeming less and less likely that they’re simply the same platonic friends they were in previous seasons. According to Bellisario.

Wren was first seen in season one, episode one. Melissa could still be working with Wren, she was Black Swan after all. Spencer thought the blood was placed in her bag before her flight, but what if it was placed after? Wren was in the Camp Mona episodes, Marlene tweeted this: Keegan Allen said this in an interview: Why did the DiLaurentis family switch babies?

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You merely send creepy texts , to be exact that hint at your end game. A literally asked us to prom! What did we learn? Let us do as Ezra would do and consult our notes. Before the ink on the verdict was dry, Tanner ordered Spencer, Aria and Emily to be arrested as accessories to the crime. We see Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna in the back of a van, presumably on their way to the correctional facility.

He receives uneasy glances from all the students. After swim practice, Ben Coogan —Emily’s boyfriend—sneaks up on her in the girls locker room and tries to fool around with her. She tries to push him off nicely, but he gets violent and more forceful. Just then, Toby came to the rescue and wordlessly pushes Ben off of Emily. He pounds Ben into the locker until Ben bleeds, while Emily shouts for Toby to stop. Can You Hear Me Now? Toby becomes Emily’s lab partner, much to Emily’s dismay.

Toby notices when Emily slams her lab book shut, though he doesn’t know that it is because of the photos planted there. That night, Toby catches sight of Emily and strikes up a conversation. Emily asks Toby if he saw the pictures in her lab book.

Pretty Little Liars 1×19 Spencer & Toby (Complete Spoby Moments)